07 May 2020
Claranet is recruiting in Porto
Dinheiro Vivo

Claranet is looking for professionals with experience in information technologies and in the relationship with medium and large companies.


Claranet Portugal, a provider of cloud, hosting, networking, security and workplace solutions in an "as a service” model, wants to recruit ten senior account managers for the offices in Porto.


This recruitment aims to respond to the increase in demand for cloud and workplace solutions in recent months in Portugal, due to the growing needs for remote work in companies and the trend towards accelerating the digital transition to the cloud.


The technology forecasts a high demand for this type of services in the coming years, and, despite the adverse economic context and the short-term impact of the pandemic, the company continues to grow, underlines in a statement.


According to António Miguel Ferreira, general director for Iberia and Latin America at Claranet, "the objective is to hire, during the next three months, about 10 senior account managers who have extensive experience in information technology (IT) services and in the relationship with medium and large companies”.


The company also keeps open the applications for new professionals in cloud, workplace and other technological areas.

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