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Concentrix will be one of the companies in Porto Office Park and will hire 500 people

Concentrix will be one of the companies in Porto Office Park and will hire 500 people
ECO Economia Online · 12 Mar 2020

The American multinational, Concentrix, specialized in outsourcing, technical support and customer interaction services, rented four floors in Porto Office Park (POP) - with a total area of ​​7,600 square meters and with a capacity for 630 employees - and it will be one of the first companies to settle, said Tiago Violas, executive president of the holding Violas Ferreira.

"This new location is related to the company's growth and expansion strategy and POP fits perfectly with Concentrix's needs. It was the best decision both in terms of location and state-of-the-art infrastructure”, says Concentrix country leader Ahmed Aboulezz.

With this expansion in our country, Concentrix will hire around 500 people for the new POP office, starting in May. Ahmed Aboulezz explains that there is a wide range of opportunities, mainly for the back office and call center areas. Speaking other languages ​​such as English, German, Italian, French and Spanish is a must. The vacancies are already published on the company's website.

In addition to Concentrix, PLMJ, a law firm with about 50 employees, will also settle in POP, having been the first client to be announced by Tiago Violas' holding.

Porto Office Park (POP) is located in Boavista and is the largest office project in the city of Porto. The investment of 100 million euros promises to revolutionize the office market at Invicta: the offices are being leased and 60% of the space is already rented.

"We are in a much greater demand than the offer we have (…). We have signed 60% of the contracts and what is in advanced negotiations already exceeds 100%” guarantees, Tiago Violas, executive president of the holding Violas Ferreira.

In addition to business spaces, POP also offers exclusive and personalized services, such as the possibility of taking food home, laundry service, 24 hour security, outdoor lounge area, gym, yoga room, auditoriums and meeting rooms, coffeehouse, restaurant and a club house. For Tiago Violas, "POP is the most premium office building at the moment, in the city of Porto”.

The design belongs to the English company Broadway Malyan, which has 60 years of experience and is present in Portugal. According to Tiago Violas "it is a name that our customers all know and is synonymous with quality (...) We have chosen Broadway Malyan to meet the specifications and standards of offices that our customers want".