Conference “Porto in the European Competition for the Companies”
05 February 2018
Conference “Porto in the European Competition for the Companies”
On February 5th, the Vida Imobiliária returned to the organisation of the traditional Conference Lunches in the Invicta (Undefeated) City, with the debate "Porto in the European Competition for the Companies”. The initiative gathered some of the most relevant players of the real estate domain in a critical analysis to the growing dynamism of Porto, as a destination for corporate investment, within the national and international contexts.

"People are back in town and with them, business. We are living a new cycle!” confirmed Lisette van Doorn, CEO of ULI Europe, an organisation which has the mission of educating for the responsible use of territory and for the creation of vibrant and sustainable communities in the whole planet.

"How do the other European cities organise themselves to project their attractiveness with the companies? How does Porto place itself and which are the lessons it learned from the recent experience of the application to the location of the head office of the EMA? Which are the competitive advantages of the city to attract this kind of investment?”
To answer these questions, there were participants such as Lisette van Doorn, international expert in real estate within cities (ULI), Luís Mesquita, expert in the real estate market of the city of Porto (CBRE) and Ricardo Valente, the Councillor for Economy, Tourism and Commerce.
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