19 May 2020
Covid-19 Incentives: Municipal Support for companies in Porto

Dear Investors, Managers and Entrepreneurs,

InvestPorto reinforced its support services to companies in our city, in order to safeguard business activity, employment and investment in the Municipality of Porto in the current economic context.

To help you make decisions, our investor support team launched the > Covid-19 Incentives page where you can follow systematic information on the most useful economic benefits and incentives for companies present in Porto. 

In this context, information on Municipal Support for companies in Porto was updated. In particular, the latest information on the following incentives is available:

> REURB 2020 – Special Regime for Urban Management

> Porto com Sentido Program

> Municipal fund supporting investment and economic development for startups, micro-enterprises, and SMEs

> Consultancy services for companies

> Exceptional Scheme for Terraces

> Exemption from municipal fees

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and free custom support.

InvestPorto Team

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