Critical Techworks
02 May 2020
Critical Techworks looking for seniors to build the mobility of the future
Dinheiro Vivo

Critical Techworks also needs 160 technological professionals to fulfill the goal of closing the year with a staff of one thousand employees. The company, with offices in Porto, is especially interested in recruiting senior profiles with experience in software development for embedded systems, mobility, production, logistics, sales and after-sales, reveals Rui Cordeiro, chief of purpose at Critical TechWorks. Although all teams are working remotely, the recruitment process does not stop.

The only difference in the selection of candidates - more than 500 interested parties appear each month - is in the interview phase, which is now all done remotely. At this stage, a technical assessment of the professional is carried out, but that is not what is decisive. To work at Critical Techworks it is important to understand that the objective is "to build a company that does not depend on anyone in particular, but that depends on everyone, which means that individual knowledge, which is limited, is not as relevant as the wisdom that we managed to create as a team”, stresses Rui Cordeiro.

Building the mobility of the future requires an aggregation of knowledge from multiple professionals, different ways of being and being, and different nationalities. Critical Techworks, which is participating in the development of more than 70 projects for the car of the future, already integrates 30 nationalities, 15% of whom are foreign employees and the rest are Portuguese. As Rui Cordeiro says, "we believe that different life experiences bring different knowledge and different ways of looking at problems and we would be compromising the company's potential if we did not hire internationally”.

Critical Techworks recently hired 40 people, who will start their activities in this phase of confinement due to the new coronavirus pandemic. Rui Cordeiro admits that the remote working model does not cause great difficulties and productivity is not affected, but "there is a set of connections and interactions that the remote does not replace”. For example, the reception of these new employees is now done through videoconferences and internal communication channels, and with the permanent support of the teams so that they "acquire the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to become effective members” of the company.

The dynamic cannot stop, not least because they hire "new people weekly”, says Rui Cordeiro. There is a lot of work to do: automation projects for warehouses and production lines for BMW plants, development of subsystems to support autonomous driving, implementation of various applications for smartphones, personal assistant driven by artificial intelligence.

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