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DefinedCrowd distinguished as one of the most successful companies of 2019

DefinedCrowd distinguished as one of the most successful companies of 2019
Observador · 12 Aug 2020
The startup led and founded by Daniela Braga, DefinedCrowd, appears in 27th place (out of five thousand) in the list of companies with the fastest growth of Inc. 5000.

DefinedCrowd, a startup with Portuguese DNA, founded by Daniela Braga, was distinguished in the 27th place in the reputed Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the USA. In a statement, DefinedCrowd explains that success was achieved due to the "incredible 8550.28% revenue growth between 2016 and 2019".
Regarding this distinction, the Portuguese entrepreneur states: "Since the company was founded in 2015 with an initial investment of 200,000 dollars, our growth has been exponential". "Our rapidly growing customer base and the rapid expansion of services offered to our existing customers resulted in an impressive 656% growth in revenue, supported by a 176% growth in our global workforce in 2019 alone."
In the past, the Inc. 5000 list has distinguished companies in the technology world such as Zappos, Under Armor, Patagonia, or even Microsoft. "Reaching such a high place on this famous list is an incredible achievement for us, especially given that the company was founded only five years ago,” says DefinedCrowd.
In 2015, eight years after starting work at Microsoft, in the United States, Daniela Braga left to found her own data analysis startup using artificial intelligence. In five years, it raised around 12.5 million euros through investors such as Portugal Ventures, the North American venture capital fund Alexa Fund or the company MasterCard. This amount added up to around 46 million euros in May. The entrepreneur, who has already been featured in media such as Forbes or the British Wired magazine, was the first winner of the João Vasconcelos award "Entrepreneur of the year" in 2019.