08 July 2020
DefinedCrowd launches curated database for Artificial Intelligence projects
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DefinedCrowd launched DefinedData, a pre-collected, annotated and validated database that can be used in Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects. The catalog is available online and counts with the contribution of more than 300 thousand employees in more than 50 countries. Coming shortly after the startup founded by Daniela Braga announced its most recent Series B financing round, worth 46,2 million EUR.

"Machine learning teams working on AI models have always faced a particular pressure problem, the need for continuous access to very good quality data. When companies focused on technology want to launch their initiatives that involve artificial intelligence, they simply do not have time to collect and validate this data that is required”, explains Daniela Braga, founder and CEO of DefinedCrowd.

The database allows startup customers to accelerate their artificial intelligence initiatives in the market, as they are able to obtain validated data through an online catalog, available in several languages, domains and types of storage.

Customers can also opt for a single purchase or an annual subscription that gives them access to all the new databases. In May 2021, the catalog is foreseen to include 25,000 hours of speech and natural language data.

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