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26 March 2020
Ebankit will move to Porto Office Park and hire 40 people
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Portuguese fintech Ebankit has rented a floor in Porto Office Park (POP) with a total area of ​​1,726 square meters and a capacity for 210 employees. In addition to this novelty, the company informed that it is recruiting and plans to hire 40 more consultants in the areas of software development and security. Applications can be made through the company's website.

"We are already at the limit of capacity in our current facilities and we need to have a space that is attractive. Given the job offers in the technology area, today we have to offer excellent working conditions to retain people in this area”, says Renato Oliveira, founder and president of Ebankit.

Loyalty of employees "is one of the great challenges of technology companies in Portugal. For that, it is necessary to innovate in terms of spaces, have cultural zones and leisure spaces”: in POP, the startup found the perfect match.

"POP is one of the most representative buildings to appear in Porto in terms of quality of materials, construction, comfort and location”, says Renato Oliveira. The average price of a floor in the POP is approximately 29 thousand euros per month, taking into account that the price per square meter is between 16 and 18 euros.

The move is scheduled for August, but the covid-19 may postpone the plans. "We are going to start the works in April and we intend to move to the new facilities in the summer, but with this pandemic, we estimate that our contractor will have some difficulties in terms of suppliers", admits Renato Oliveira.

The technology founded in Porto also has an office in London and New York where the entire commercial operation is centered. In total, Ebankit has a total of 80 employees (plus 120 subcontractors). For the president of fintech, this "Covid-19 catastrophe has accelerated the digital world even more”.

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