Establishment of CPLP Economic Market discussed in Porto
25 November 2019
Establishment of CPLP Economic Market discussed in Porto

The city of Porto was chosen to host the 2nd edition of CPLP (Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries) Economic Market Conference, which takes place on 3rd December and has as its priorities to effectively advance a single market that brings together the 274 million people from the nine Lusophone countries.

The meeting will take place at the rehabilitated Super Bock Arena - Rosa Mota Pavilion, accommodating delegates who will discuss such important and diverse issues as mobility and visa issuance within the CPLP, increased air and sea connections between the Member States or greater integration of women and youth in institutions.

Thus, the conference - organized by CE-CPLP (CPLP Business Confederation), which is celebrating its 15th anniversary - wants to position itself as the reference event of Lusophone countries and intends to progress from Porto with the creation of workgroups specific to topics, such as Mobility, Emigration and Diaspora, Coordination and Liaison between Arbitration Courts and CPLP, Manual of Ethics and Compliance of Companies, and Renewable Energy in CPLP.

The result of a decision taken at the CPLP Conference of Heads of State in 2000, the EC-CPLP was founded in 2004 and its mission is to create an investment route within the member countries of the organization, stimulating cooperation, and partnership between its institutions.

The Municipality will be represented through InvestPorto, with an institutional stand to promote the city and attract investment.

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