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Euronext's technology center in Porto will hire to continue the success story

Euronext's technology center in Porto will hire to continue the success story
12 Nov 2021
Responsible for the entire cybersecurity area of Europe's largest exchange platform, Euronext's technology center in Porto wants to continue its upward growth and, for this, will hire "a few dozen more workers”. The information was shared by the president of Euronext Lisbon, at the presentation of the group's strategic plan until 2024, in Milan, and corroborated by the group's CEO, Stéphane Boujnah.

"The place where we have created more jobs is in Porto. Portugal's main contribution to Euronext has been the quality of the technology center, of the Portuguese engineers. That has made a real difference. And it is to continue", says Stéphane Boujnah, in an interview with Negócios.

The Euronext director underlines that "year after year we have increased the number of people in the operations center and increased the strategic relevance and autonomy of Porto’s teams", a strategy that will be maintained.

According to the president of Euronext Lisbon, the center in Invicta is "concentrating the group's infrastructures, hardware, everything that is connectivity. We are responsible for all computer and technology services to employees, around 2,200 people”.

"The technology center in Porto continues to be a success story" since it moved from Belfast in 2017, says Isabel Ucha quoted by Expresso. "It's a center that has been gaining skills and more employees. We started with about 70 people in 2017, when the center opened. Today we have about 180, and our perspective is to increase by a few dozen more workers in 2022”. For this, the building is already being renovated.

Although Portugal contributes only in 2% to the group's revenues, the country concentrates about 10% of Euronext employees. Porto alone already has almost as many people working as the Paris office.

Opened only to ensure operations that guaranteed the functioning of the markets and provide support to clients, Porto’s technology center has gained relevance in the context of the group. "It was reinforced with the cybersecurity team. Then the infrastructure team was created. And now we are doing the first level of assistance, basically operations management, of the liquidation and custody companies of the Euronext group" explains Isabel Ucha, adding that "Porto will have the first level of supervision of operations. It is a new area”.