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06 April 2020
Executive approves first package of measures to support families and companies

The municipal executive met on Monday morning, once again through a video call, to approve the first set of measures to face the hardships of families and companies in this pandemic scenario.

In general terms, the Municipality has planned to reschedule cancelled shows and events, so that they can contribute to the "hard work to recover the dynamics of the City and its national and international (re)projection", thus ensuring the cultural offer city ​​as soon as the situation is normalized.

In the case of social housing, three measures were approved today: the adoption of flexibility mechanisms for the reassessment of the value of supported rents, the possibility of phased payment of rents and the suspension of tax enforcement of debts.

In the business field, some measures were also approved in this session, namely the total suspension of rent payments to merchants who are municipal tenants.

This support will consist, on the one hand, of exemption from the total payment of rent for establishments and leased warehouses, located in municipal buildings, to traders who carry out economic activities covered by the closure of facilities and establishments to the public, as well as suspension measures activities in the scope of retail trade, in addition to those which, having not been subject to a mandatory closure or suspension measure, remain open to the public but are affected by legal restrictions on the free movement of people and goods.

On the other hand, it includes the exemption from the total payment of the payment of financial contributions or annual instalments due for the conclusion of precarious use concessions, operating concessions, among others.

In the field of waste management fees, the package of measures already approved provides for the exemption of fees for urban waste management services, water supply and wastewater sanitation for non-domestic customers, as well as the provision of exceptional regularization conditions of debts to domestic and non-domestic customers.

Measures to combat the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economic activity developed in its territorial area, by "exempting an estimated 60% of non-domestic users from the fixed part of the tariffs for urban waste management services, water supply and wastewater sanitation".

On the other hand, the provision of exceptional conditions to settle debts to domestic and non-domestic customers includes the restructuring of payment agreements in instalments in progress and access to payment agreements in simplified instalments.

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