Final Conference for the In Focus Project
19 April 2018
Final Conference for the In Focus Project
On April 19th and 20th, in Bilbau, the final conference for the Project in Focus – Smart Specialisation at City Level took place, an event set within the URBACT III Programme.

The President of the Bilbau City Council, Juan María Aburto, the President of the Ostrava City Council, Tomas Macura, and the President of the Bordeaux City Council were present at the opening session. The key note speech was of the responsibility of Kevin Morgan, an expert in regional planning, at the University of Cardiff.

With the goal to share the results of the programme developed throughout 2 years, the conference gathered 10 cities belonging to the consortium of the European project: Bilbau (Spain), Bielsko-Biala (Poland), Bordeaux (France), Bucharest (Romania), Frankfurt (Germany), Grenoble-Alps (France), Ostrava (Czech Republic), Plasencia (Spain), Porto (Portugal) and Turin (Italy).

This consortium intends to contribute to the definition of the concept of strategy for smart specialization and the RIS3 method.

According to Councillor Ricardo Valente, the In Focus "network for the planning of actions” promotes the sharing of knowledge and good practices between cities and a constructive discussion for the definition of action plans which gather the local ecosystem for the implementation of innovation, industry, economy and entrepreneurship policies.

The Porto Municipality took part in the conference through InvestPorto, responsible for the outline of the strategy of the Integrated Action Plan.
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