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French Le Wagon arrives in Porto and plans to train more than 170 people by 2023

French Le Wagon arrives in Porto and plans to train more than 170 people by 2023
Porto. · 06 Jun 2022

The Le Wagon programming school, present in Portugal since 2016, opened a campus in Porto and plans to kick-start the first edition of the Web Development course in July.

The French institution has facilities in more than 45 cities in several geographies – Europe, Asia-Pacific, Americas, Africa, and Middle East – and arrives in Porto to "transform careers”, you could read in a statement.

"Porto is a growing hub, with opportunities and unique talents around every corner. We are very excited to offer this opportunity to learn to program in one of the coolest destinations in Europe”, published Le Wagon on Facebook.

"It is a city with an inexhaustible culture, high quality of life and unique characteristics, one of which is its proximity to the sea”, noted the responsible for the facility in Porto, Francisco Mendonça, in statements reproduced by the online economy newspaper ECO.

"We want our students to take advantage of this connection while studying at Le Wagon, so we are considering the possibility of having our campus located next to the city’s beaches and thus promoting a more relaxed lifestyle and closer to Nature”, he added.

Le Wagon’s goals in the Invicta are to teach more than 170 students by the end of 2023, in the areas of web and data science. "Porto, and by extension the North region, have been the target of a large foreign investment in the technology area, being increasingly a place of choice for digital nomads, as well as several Portuguese start-ups and scaleups”, indicated Francisco Mendonça, estimating that there are more than 15 thousand technology positions currently open in the region.

Le Wagon will bet in partnerships "with relevant companies in the area” to ensure that the employability rate of students remains high: the school’s data indicate that, in six months, 97% of the students find a job after their courses.

Find more information about Le Wagon’s training offer here.