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i-charging presents new concept for charging electric vehicles

i-charging presents new concept for charging electric vehicles
Jornal de Negócios · 29 Dec 2022
The blueberry allows the energy optimization of the infrastructure where it is installed, the optimization of its investment and brings unique features in the form of use and charging.

Created in 2019, i-charging was born from the will to develop technological products highlighting innovation, differentiation, design and quality, within the most sophisticated segments of the infrastructure for electric mobility. In the company, it is believed that it is possible to do more, in a sustainable way, adopting new tools and technologies, taking advantage of its know-how with a global ambition.

Therefore, i-charging has in its DNA an environmental nature and awareness for a greener and more sustainable future, being one of the fundamental pillars by which those responsible for the organisation are governed, starting with the type of business they have, which in itself contributes to the reduction of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Focused on electric vehicle charging solutions, i-charging's flagship product is blueberry, an electric vehicle battery charger. "The blueberry is a new concept for electric vehicle charging that allows energy optimization of the infrastructure where it is installed, as well as the optimization of its investment, besides bringing unique features in the way electric vehicles are used and charged", begins by explaining Luísa Carvalho, i-charging's Marketing and Communication Manager, continuing: "The energy that powers the blueberry comes from the electric grid or other sources such as local generation, renewables, energy storage banks, electric traction networks, among others. If we consider that we have green energy available and stored in power banks, the blueberry will ensure the optimization of electric vehicle charging, therefore non-polluting, thus contributing to decarbonization through electric mobility, which will be the sustainable mobility option in the future."

The blueberry enables smart charging of different vehicle models available on the market. It allows charging powers from "50 kW to 600 kW, for light or heavy electric vehicles, with voltage up to 1000 V, one to four vehicles simultaneously and sequentially". This product, which already has CE certification, also presents other novelties, such as "the user experience and web tools that allow the optimization of the operation". 

It is worth highlighting the importance of the strong investment in the design of the product, which has already received several awards, "among them the prestigious German Design Award 2022 in the category of - Excellent Product Design - Public Design".

The dynamic blue technology

In addition to the blueberry, the company has the technologies developed in-house: dynamicblue - blueberry operating technology and CMS - cable management system, applied to the charging cable.

"The dynamicblue technology has the shape of a matrix, where the outputs are interconnected with the inputs, making it possible to direct the available power to any of the outputs, providing different values to each of the vehicles", says the company's Marketing and Communication Manager, continuing: "On the users' side, this management allows them to enjoy an optimisation of the charging power, which in practice means a reduction in the expected time of a fast or ultra-fast charge. On the infrastructure side, it is no longer necessary to oversize the installation in order to provide the highest power outputs, when vehicles with lower charging power do not need them. All this means a considerable reduction in investment and costs".

Luísa Carvalho also states that i-charging continues to work daily on new features and extension of the range, even foreseeing "the presentation of novelties still next month".

100% electric fleet, photovoltaic panels and digitalisation

It is not only through the products and solutions it offers customers that the company contributes to the decarbonisation of the planet. Internally, it reduces its ecological footprint with its 100% electric vehicle fleet. But there's more: "The energy we use in our facilities for production and testing is generated by photovoltaic panels on the factory roof and that used in testing is regenerated back into the grid, except for losses in the charger itself."

i-charging is also increasingly "betting on digital content and media, avoiding as much as possible, for example, the use of printed advertising materials." "We are thus betting on continuous improvement and the development of technology that allows us to present more solutions to our portfolio."