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Incentive to traditional commerce through the Porto Card. is campaigning in the streets

Incentive to traditional commerce through the Porto Card. is campaigning in the streets
Porto. · 26 Jan 2022
A new edition of the Incentive Program to the Commercial Activity is about to start, this time also associated with the Porto card. The process for merchants to join has been streamlined and the period to sign up runs from February 1 to March 31. The vouchers can start to be discounted by customers from February 14 until April 10.

Three vouchers with a unit value of 5 euros will be distributed to holders of the card Porto. - which includes new subscriptions until February 14 - to be used in participating stores for purchases of 10 euros or more. As the campaign that is now hitting the streets says, the Porto. vouchers are "really worth it".

The measure covers commercial establishments, restaurants, cafeterias, barbershops, hairdressing salons, and physical wellness activities, with an area of up to 250m2 and that have their tax and social security situation in order.

The vouchers can be used cumulatively in a single purchase, as long as the discount ratio of 5 euros is maintained for a purchase equal to or greater than 10 euros. Thus, two vouchers can be used in a purchase equal to or greater than 20 euros (the discount to be applied is 10 euros), or three vouchers in a purchase equal to or greater than 30 euros (the discount is 15 euros).

The Porto City Hall will allocate a maximum of 500 thousand euros to the program, which corresponds to 100 thousand vouchers of 5 euros each.

Incentive program optimized for merchants

In this new edition of the incentive program, merchants will receive in advance the amount destined to the attribution of discounts to their clients, without the need to advance any amount to participate in the program.

To each participating establishment, the Municipality of Porto will provide an initial amount of 150 euros, for the application of discounts. Whenever the balance reaches 50 euros, a new tranche of 150 euros will be transferred.

Through an online platform, each merchant can, in a faster and safer way, validate the vouchers presented by customers, by reading a QR Code, as well as monitor their balance and all the discounts made.

The adhesion to the Incentive Program to the Commercial Activity can be done by submitting an online form, available at the Citizen's Portal, or by presenting the same form in person at the Citizen's Office. Scheduling through the Porto Line is recommended. (220 100 220).

Interested parties may consult all the rules and conditions of the Commercial Activity Incentive Program in the attached document.