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Intellias presents its new Portable Automotive Kit

This newly launched digital cockpit can be used as a demo version at global events, presentations and customer meetings. The company presented its demo kit at CES23 in Las Vegas, USA.

Intellias presents its new Portable Automotive Kit
18 Jan 2023
Intellias, a global IT company with operations in Portugal, has developed its first Portable Automotive Kit, which is designed to demonstrate the company's capabilities from hardware development, embedded software and middleware to cloud integration and UI design.

This newly launched digital cockpit can be used as a demo version at global events, presentations and customer meetings. The company presented its demo kit at СES23 in Las Vegas, USA. 

In addition to a graphic display of the company's expertise in the field, the Portable Automotive Kit serves as a statement of Intellias' dedication to providing the best services. This fully functional prototype is powered by industrial-grade hardware and has all the features of a modern vehicle HMI system. During its development, Intellias followed key industry trends, basing the operating systems on C/C++, Linux and Android. The cockpit also features a full-HD sensor display for IVI, an automotive-grade IC display, a Renesas R-CAR H3-based SoC and CAN and GMSL interfaces. 

"Intellias is an expert in mobility. We have been able to combine our expertise and the expertise of our partners to develop innovative technology solutions that will shape the automotive future. With this Portable Automotive Kit, we can showcase our competencies in terms of creating cutting-edge digital cockpits for electronic cars. We give other automotive companies and drivers the possibility to have a real experience of interacting with different vehicle systems," says Adam Konopa, Chief Technology Officer at Intellias.

Intellias has a long history of developing navigation solutions for leading automotive companies. The cockpit middleware demonstrates the company's capabilities in this sector. The prototype features TomTom navigation and ADAS capabilities, including rear and overhead vision, traffic signs, lane assist and obstacle and pedestrian detection. 

The digital cockpit features various system icons and notifications that display a car's status. These include icons for speed, acceleration, battery level and regenerative braking. The prototype has signals for different situations and features of the car, including fog lights, headlights, seatbelts, airbags, ESP, ABS, engine check, hazard lights, driving mode, body light and direction indicators. There is even an infotainment panel, which includes radio, weather forecast and an in-car HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system.

The Intellias Portable Automotive Kit has three integrated simulation scenarios, which demonstrate how the vehicle's systems work in different situations. In the first scenario, the cockpit simulates regular driving and parking of the vehicle. The second scenario shows how the car works when it is loading and unloading. The third scenario includes an activation of the engine warning signal.

"This is our first attempt to showcase our forward-looking expertise and industry vision through the implementation of digital cockpits. In the future, we would like to upgrade our product into a simulation of a real car. We are also planning to add features related to connected cars, cloud technologies, and data exchange in upcoming prototypes," adds Adam Konopa.  

The role of software development in the automotive industry is becoming increasingly important. Intellias has 20 years of experience in developing solutions for the automotive industry, including embedded and platform solutions, back-end and cloud systems, connectivity and telematics, digital cockpits, autonomous driving and ADAS. The company actively cooperates with other organisations and associations to develop new standards for the automotive industry. Intellias joined AUTOSAR in March, COVESA in September and Renesas in December, contributing to the standardisation of different aspects of the industry, including road safety. The Portable Automotive Kit is the first step on the road to demonstrating Intellias' advanced capabilities in developing automotive software solutions.