06 July 2020
Israelis invest € 47m in Porto
Vida Imobiliária

Israelis from Fortera, Issta Lines and Fattal are preparing to invest 47 million euros in a new real estate project in the Bonfim area, in Porto.

Later this year the construction works of a hotel and a residential complex on land acquired last year in this area of ​​Invicta, will start. More precisely on Avenida Camilo, in front of Alexandre Herculano Secondary School.

A 5-star hotel with 258 rooms will be built, with an investment of 27 million euros. In the same block, facing Rua do Bonfim, a residential development of 200 apartments will also be built, in an investment of 20 million euros.

According to information provided by Elad Dror, CEO of Fortera, in these two projects, Fortera has two partners, also Israelis, who hold 1/3 of the share capital of the promoting company.

The promoter Fortera has in its portfolio a global investment of more than 200 million euros for Porto, which will be applied in the construction of housing and hotels.

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