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Morro da Sé new phase of building works started with five buildings

Morro da Sé new phase of building works started with five buildings
18 Dec 2020
The new phase for building works of Morro da Sé has started. It corresponds to the complete requalification of five properties, which will provide 14 new housing units. The municipal investment amounts to 1.6 million euros.

The requalification works of Morro da Sé, a structural intervention in the rehabilitation of the Historic Center of Porto - and in the axis of municipal action for population regeneration - begins a new phase in the so-called "Operation D", whose public contract had been announced last August.

With an expected execution period of two years, the work will result in the provision of another 14 new housing units. Covering a total area of ​​1,611 square meters, it will include two studios, five one-bedroom, and seven two-bedroom apartments, and also the constitution of four commercial spaces, with the exterior of the building being preserved.

As part of the municipal accessible rental program, aimed at the middle class, this intervention thus continues the Morro da Sé rehabilitation project, which has made significant progress with the conclusion of the municipalization process of the company Porto Vivo, SRU, in 2019.

"Operation D", which takes place at the confluence of the streets of Bainharia, Mercadores, and Santana, was consigned at the beginning of December to the contractor RBT - Construções SA, winner of the tender, and has been running since the 11th with an investment of approximately 1.6 million euros.

Currently, Porto Vivo, SRU plays a strategic role in boosting the city's rental market, and last August delivered the keys to 14 new houses, located in Morro da Sé, made available by the Municipality under the affordable rental regime.