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Morro da Sé rehabilitation building works start

Morro da Sé rehabilitation building works start · 12 Aug 2020
The public tender for the new phase of rehabilitation of Morro da Sé is underway. This operation, located in the heart of the Historic Center, at the confluence of the streets of Bainharia, Mercadores, and Santana, will result in the provision of 14 more housing units to integrate the municipal program. affordable rental. Corresponds to an investment by the municipality in the order of 1.6 million euros.

As part of the municipal accessible rental program, the Morro da Sé Rehabilitation Operation has already provided the delivery of the first affordable housing units to new families who moved to this area in the historic center at the beginning of August.

This new tender, identified as "Operation D”, covers the rehabilitation of a total area of ​​1,611 square meters, which will result in the provision of 14 housing units, namely two T0, five T1, and seven T2. The project also foresees the constitution of four commercial fractions.

The deadline for submission of proposals is October 1st, and the estimated deadline for completion of the work is two years.