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Multinational Readiness IT is hiring 24 IT Developers in Porto

Readiness IT is one of the technology companies that form the RIT Group. The company operates from Portugal for clients all over the world, has its headquarters in the city of Porto, and is currently recruiting 24 Developers to meet the needs of the new year's strategy.

Multinational Readiness IT is hiring 24 IT Developers in Porto
20 Nov 2023

The company is preparing for 2024, and to meet the needs of its expansion plans and cope with new projects, it is hiring 24 Junior Developers to join the System Ninjas training program, an innovative technological training concept that aims to integrate new employees into the company's staff.


Readiness IT is accepting applications from young people with academic or professional knowledge of various object-oriented programming languages, such as Java, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, and Angular, among others. The company offers many benefits to its employees, including flexible working hours, a teleworking policy, certified training, and the opportunity to develop a career in an innovative company and take part in international projects.


To apply, candidates must do so through the company's website.


These new joiners will be integrated into dynamic and highly qualified teams, which is crucial to support their personal and professional development.