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Euronext is preparing seven Portuguese companies to enter the stock exchange

Seven Portuguese companies are participating in Euronext's IPOready program this year, having collectively raised 1.1 million euros in funding since their inception and now considering the stock exchange as their next strategic move.

Euronext is preparing seven Portuguese companies to enter the stock exchange
eco · 05 Feb 2024

Another edition of IPOready will be launched in Portugal, bringing together this year the largest group of companies since its launch in 2015, with more than 160 companies from 15 European countries seeking tools and knowledge from a range of experts to carry out an IPO in the future.

For this year, IPOready has seven national companies "that generate an average of 21 million euros in annual revenue and employ an average of 144 people," Euronext said in a statement.

Among these companies is Doutor Finanças, a credit intermediation company that closed 2022 with revenues of over nine million euros as a result of an average annual turnover growth of 38% since 2020, and which last year began a growth strategy based on a franchising model of opening stores across the country.

"Our medium-term growth plan foresees the internationalization of Doutor Finanças. In this context, entering the capital market is an excellent alternative in terms of financial leverage for this process," said Paulo Velho Cabral, Doutor Finanças' financial administrator.

In addition to Doutor Finanças, there are six other Portuguese companies in this year's edition of Euronext's pre-IPO program - Bring Global Services, Digidelta International, IMP Diagnostics, INOVA+ Innovation Services, Ophiomics and another that preferred to remain anonymous - which together "have raised an average of 1.1 million euros in equity financing since their creation," says Euronext.

"The range of seven companies in the 2024 program is diverse, both in terms of sector and experience, but they all share an ambitious vision of the future, setting an example for many entrepreneurs," says José Pedro Luís, head of corporate and financial communications at H/Advisors CV&A - one of the four partners selected by Euronext to accompany the national companies in the program, which runs until June.

"For our workshop dedicated to the area of corporate and financial communications, we intend to demonstrate the positive reputational impact of being on the stock exchange and explain the rules and regulations of communicating with the capital market," says José Pedro Luís.

In addition to CV&A in terms of communication, the seven Portuguese companies will be accompanied by specialists from CaixaBank BPI (banking), PWC (consultancy) and MLGTS (legal services).