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Porto Leading Investor Readiness IT signs the Portuguese Charter for Diversity

The company reinforces its commitment to diversity and inclusion by joining a European initiative that promotes equality policies in the workplace.

Porto Leading Investor Readiness IT signs the Portuguese Charter for Diversity
01 Jul 2024

Readiness IT is pleased to announce its adherence to the Portuguese Charter for Diversity, an initiative promoted by the European Commission that supports the implementation of diversity and equality policies in workplaces.

Signing this letter guides the adoption of concrete measures to foster an environment of mutual respect and equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their personal characteristics.

"The signing of the Portuguese Charter for Diversity is a crucial step in our ongoing journey of ensuring that all voices are heard and valued at Readiness IT", says Adérito Ferreira, CEO.

"This commitment reflects our determination to develop a work environment that not only respects, but also celebrates differences. We consider diversity and inclusion not just as goals to be achieved, but as essential foundations of our organizational culture. We are committed to creating an environment that values ​​the variety of personalities, identities, backgrounds and experiences that our employees bring to our company.