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National technology company Readiness IT, present at the world's largest Telco digital transformation event

National technology company Readiness IT, present at the world's largest Telco digital transformation event
23 Sep 2022
Between September 20 and 22, Readiness IT, a national technology company based in Porto, attended the TMForum Digital Transformation World (DTW), in Copenhagen, Denmark.

During these days, the most renowned technology companies in the Telco market, presented technological solutions that are at the base of digital acceleration, with the Telecommunications operators having a decisive and leading role in the coming years.

Adérito Ferreira, CEO of Readiness IT and founder of the RIT Group who attended the event, says that "this is a fantastic opportunity to present our digital acceleration solutions to the most respected influencers in the Telco industry. 5G has opened up a huge set of opportunities for new business and innovative service offerings, and this drives major technological advances in operators' systems, processes and automation and that is our speciality - Digital Accelerators."

One of the greatest current challenges for telecommunications companies is the creation of new business models and making new services available to their clients, beyond connectivity.

The company director states that "the trend we observe is that telecom operators need to create ecosystems of business partners, co-creation of products and services, promoting B2B2X marketplaces and similar models that allow them to offer more and more integrated and innovative products and services. We saw the Telecom operators of the future more as a Business Platform than mere multi-service provider, evolving in their transformation journey to ESP (Ecosystems Service Provider)."

For this, the companies Readiness IT and Kloudville, both belonging to the RIT Group, presented at DTW innovative solutions, capable of promoting this challenge in telecom operators right now.

The national company also specialises in digital consulting services, systems integration, B2B process automation, systems development using Low-Code tools, micro-services, cloud services and digital experience, and has more than 500 highly specialised employees spread across its offices in 8 countries.