New York Times speaks about a “creative” Porto
01 March 2016
New York Times speaks about a “creative” Porto
The north-American newspaper "The New York Times" wrote once again about Porto, this time around to focus on the creative wave that surrounds the city. Design and food turned out to be the main highlights of the last edition of the "The New York Times Style Magazine".

The review presents Porto as a creative hub that projects itself towards the future, which, according to the journalist, results from the vision that is being implemented under the lead of the current Mayor of the City of Porto, Rui Moreira.

Amongst the city spots, Kate Maxwell refers to the Miguel Bombarda art galleries as the living proof that the austerity experienced in the country does not compromise the creativity of the «unvanquished» City. On the contrary, according to the review, the "Arts District” totally fits the surrounding where galleries sit alongside vintage stores and speakeasy-style bars and restaurants.

While doing its best to protect itself from the coffee shops and fast-food chains’ global march, the City has seen an explosion of small, innovative businesses appealing to an influx of visitors around an architecture mix that gathers several styles, from mosaic of medieval, Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, neo-Classical to Roman. The Casa da Música concert hall and the Serralves Contemporary Art Museum are two of the examples of the city’s cultural and creative centres.

Porto also has a new breed of invigorating hotels. Their minimalist design/décor fits perfectly within the culture of restaurants of reputable cuisine and typical shops like those on the Rua das Flores, showing the immense touristic offer available.
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