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Offices: 'Serviced Offices' segment in “strong expansion in Portugal”

Offices: 'Serviced Offices' segment in “strong expansion in Portugal”
Idealista · 15 Sep 2020
The market for offices of companies linked to the 'Serviced Offices' segment, which has registered a "strong expansion in Portugal", has not subsided with the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, concludes a study by the consultancy B. Prime.

According to B. Prime, the industry has adapted in the past in a positive way to the SARS outbreak in the East, between 2002 and 2004, and that is a good indicator.

This is a segment "which was already booming in Portugal" and which "will continue to have a very interesting dynamic", particularly due to the "intensive use of teleworking". This regime that has been used a lot in recent times, ended up becoming more exposed. At this moment, everyone recognizes its advantages, but also its disadvantages and it is precisely to fill the less positive aspects that this segment is becoming more and more comprehensive, with an increase in the market share of offices. We have no doubt in saying that ‘Serviced Offices’ will no longer be seen as residual, but rather as an active part of this industry”, concludes B. Prime.

The study concluded that technological evolution and the way Millenials view work are fundamental criteria in the growth of the 'Serviced Offices' industry, which is also sought after by large companies, responsible for 1/3 of the occupation of these spaces.

In addition to the private initiative, programs financed by European funds, through the ERDF, were recently created to create this type of space in the interior of the country, in an investment that exceeds 20 million euros, adds B. Prime.