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02 April 2020
Offices should expect “change of occupation and use of space”
Vida Imobiliária

Sharing his perspective on the crisis that has taken place in the sector and the world, the official says that, with the new context, "quickly, service companies discover that, through remote work, they are able to occupy a different space without changing their productivity. It is something that we will have to pay attention to”. If this trend is confirmed, "we will have much more spacious office spaces. The existing offer, which was already scarce, may become more adequate and allow companies to relocate spaces”.

On the other hand, co-working can also change: "from the moment that spaces start to be more abundant, the profile of occupation changes. This business model is likely to suffer. And companies can also think about relocating”, says the specialist.

In relation to the industrial and logistics market, the specialist notes that "spaces rented for very short periods may no longer make sense. And chains should want to have their supply spaces closer, and there may be an attempt to relocate some of those spaces. We do not know to what extent the policy of stocking companies may change”.

He also warns that the real estate sector "must have the perception that the value of real estate depends a lot on interest rates and the country's risk. The way in which aid from Europe is made and the fiscal and monetary stimulus to the country can change the interest rate outlook greatly. We can go back to being a country with good investment opportunities, if prices fall”.

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