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Ongoing applications for the professional requalification program for graduates

Ongoing applications for the professional requalification program for graduates
10 Aug 2021

SWitCH 5th edition is open until August 19th. The initiative promoted by Porto Tech Hub aims for quick insertion in the job market in the area of ​​Information Technologies.

There are 33 places available for the 5th edition of SWitCH, requalification program, with open applications for the academic year 2021/2022. The deadline is running until August 19th.

Organized by Porto Tech Hub, in partnership with ISEP, SWitCH is a requalification program aimed at all graduates, regardless of their area of ​​training, who show interest in changing the course of their career. SWitCH aims to allow entry into the Information Technology area and quick insertion into the job market.

"Despite the difficulties that the pandemic has brought us, we continue with the objective of maintaining this professional requalification course that assumes a preponderant role for students, for the organizations involved and for the city of Porto", underlined the vice-president of Porto Tech Hub and responsible for the SWitCH program, Joana Linhas.

The classes of the 5th edition will start, in a regime to be determined taking into account the evolution of the pandemic, on October 6th. After the first phase of the course, taught by ISEP and lasting one academic year, the program includes a second phase, with a 9-month paid internship in one of the companies associated to Porto Tech Hub.