26 June 2020
Pandemic accelerates occupant investment in technology
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Most office occupants within the EMEA region intend to increase their investment in technology to better support greater adoption of remote work, as a result of adjusting to the pandemic. 

This is one of the main conclusions drawn by CBRE in its EMEA Occupier Flash Survey 2020 survey, conducted during the months of April and May, among occupants in the EMEA region.

92% of respondents foresee an increase in the adoption of remote work, which is why investment in technology is a priority. 45% expect to adopt non-touch technologies in their buildings, and 41% showed a strong interest in WELL buildings - certification that assesses the relationship between the building and the well-being of its users, and other sustainable resources. 

Cristina Arouca, CBRE Research Director in Portugal, states that "in the period of disturbance caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of investment in technology remains central to all occupants".

"Although, currently, the focus is on supporting remote work and using technology to ensure social distance and the application of necessary hygiene measures; in the long term, it is expected that the strategy underway before this pandemic, focused on the use of technology to improve the employees' experience, will be integrated into the business plans again”, says the specialist.

Even before the pandemic, 83% of the occupants of this region already stated that they intended to increase technological investment in the real estate sector. 91% expected virtual reality to integrate investment in technology and corporate real estate, and 21% were willing to pay an extra amount of up to 20% for smart buildings. 

In fact, remote work and high-quality, high-tech buildings are trends already included in the CBRE Global Outlook 2030, published in April. Club house style offices are considered essential to attract and retain talent.

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