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27 July 2020
Peugeot Citroën Group acquires Porto startup from the automotive sector

The PSA Group, which will soon become the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world, announced the acquisition of a startup based in Porto dedicated to the recycling of auto parts.

According to a note from PSA, the group bought "the Portuguese company Amanhã Global and its e-commerce platform (electronic commerce), acquiring a majority stake in the company's capital". The Porto startup has its facilities at Rua do Engenheiro Ezequiel de Campos, in the Ramalde area.

B-Parts "is a leader in the online distribution of used auto parts", as stated on their official website. The parts come from damaged cars, ready to be reused in other vehicles, and all are original and have a warranty, explains the startup from Porto. 

Also, according to PSA (which has a production center in Mangualde, in the district of Viseu), the Portuguese management of Amanhã Global will "fully" maintain its functions. The directors of Amanhã Global, Manuel Araújo Monteiro and Luís Sousa Vieira, cited by the Lusa agency, considered that the acquisition by PSA is a "highly beneficial" agreement for both parties. "PSA becomes the first manufacturer to take a position in the used parts market, and B-Parts gains a unique opportunity to access PSA's vast network of customers," they said.

For the French car manufacturer, the purchase of B-Parts is part of a strategy to change the business model of the subsidiary PSA Aftermarket, in order to be able to supply spare parts for cars "for all budgets, in markets around the world". In this sense, the group highlights the Porto startup as "a leading operator in the circular economy, a European leader in parts used for automobiles".

The French group also considers that this business will contribute to reducing the environmental footprint, since reusable parts result in a 100% gain in raw material compared to the production of new parts.

Manufacturer of Peugeot, Citroën and Opel, PSA is preparing to merge with the Fiat Chrysler group, scheduled for the first quarter of 2021, after which it will become the fourth largest car manufacturer group in the world.

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