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Porto Asprela earns LEED Gold certification with the “highest score” in Europe

Porto Asprela earns LEED Gold certification with the “highest score” in Europe
Vida Imobiliária · 25 Nov 2020
This unit integrates a set of technologies that aim to improve efficiency in energy and water consumption. In addition to these features, the building has a thermal insulation system, energy and heat recovery structures, and photovoltaic panels to produce clean energy.

All these systems were thought out since the beginning of the project that contributed to this unit - which offers 220 apartments and several common spaces (such as gym and laundry) - to receive 62 points in terms of sustainability, which is "the highest score in the hospitality category ever granted in Europe", states the statement from Milestone, a student residence operator created by Value One and Nuveen Real Estate.

"In addition to the technical innovations in this building, we guaranteed from the beginning of the project that we were dealing sustainably with resources, such as creating a sustainable waste management system in the building", adds Miguel Garcia, CEO of Garcia Garcia, the company responsible for building this unit. On this point, Gary Clarke, CEO of Milestone, guarantees that "our sustainability efforts started during the planning phase of the project and continue even with the property in operation".

Nuveen Real Estate Director of Sustainability Richard Hamilton-Gray assumes that "sustainability is at the heart of Nuveen Real Estate's investment approach, as we continue to integrate ESG criteria into our portfolio to help create value for our customers in the world of tomorrow. Achieving this historic LEED certification result for our PBSA portfolio in Portugal is proof of the central role we place in sustainability across our wide range of housing. We are proud to have received this award and will continue to work to ensure a high standard of sustainability throughout our real estate portfolio".

For Sebastian Gruber, General Manager of Value One Development International, "this LEED Gold certification is a recognition of our qualities. In our projects, we assume responsibility for the community and the environment and we are happy that an independent evaluation has confirmed this", he concludes.

The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design certification - best known by the acronym LEED - is awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council and aims to evaluate and credit ecofriendly construction through a universal system of parameters that assess the environmental and energy performance of buildings.