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15 March 2020
Porto City Council prepares programme to support affordable housing
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Pedro Baganha, City Councillor for Urbanism, Public Space and Public Property, declares that "we want to increase the housing supply in the city, and at the same time give an answer to the many micro-entrepreneurs of local lodging who were left without their source of income, and with the support of the Municipality find a way to bring these properties to the affordable rental market», in the words of the councillor.

The current state is of emergency and Porto City Council is betting on support for employment and families, considering that "this is the time to find new solutions that are opportunities in effective support to overcome this difficult moment", adds Pedro Baganha. The concrete news and the way to operationalize these supports should be made public in the coming days.

Municipal licensing with suspended deadlines

The deadlines that are taking place in the municipal licensing process are currently suspended, as follows from the emergency legislation approved in the context of Covid-19, Pedro Baganha also informed.

The measures in the area of ​​urbanism are being considered, «this emergency situation is very recent, we are considering the best way to organize the teams of the Municipality of Porto to give the different responses, namely with the use of remote work and the various digital channels available to residents”, in the words of Pedro Baganha.

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