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07 August 2020
Porto has nine companies among the 500 fastest growing in Europe, Middle East and Africa

The "Technology Fast 500", Deloitte's ranking that highlights the companies in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region that grew faster in the last four years, includes nine companies from Porto, and the first Portuguese company best positioned - the startup Findster - is also from Porto. In fact, Invicta is the National City that contributes the most to a list led by Revolut (United Kingdom).

Findster (33), Smarkio (141), FairJourney Biologics (293), Appgeneration (320), SWORD Health (322), ebankIT (404), Readiness IT (413), Jscrambler (430), Fabamaq (488) are the companies that enter the ranking of the most prominent in these continents and all of them are headquartered in Porto.

Portugal is represented in the list with 31 Portuguese cities and receives from Porto the largest share of companies that have had a greater evolution since 2015, standing out, in the IT sector.

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