Porto is a hot startup city
11 December 2019
Porto is a hot startup city

Porto is, indeed, a hot start-up city. The newest example is the HypeLabs Company, established in the Invicta in 2016. The company has completed an investment round of circa three million dollars, which will enable it to hire more employees and also to grow even more at international level.

Hypelabs creates peer-to-peer mesh networks between nearby devices, even without Internet. The company's headquarters is in Porto and it has offices in San Francisco, USA, in London, United Kingdom, and also in Krakow, Poland.

The major investors to this investment round are Innogy Innovation Hub, EDP Ventures, Deutsche Telekom, AngelPad, Caixa Capital, NovaBase Capital and Mustard Seed.

Currently, HypeLabs employs circa 2.500 developers, and grew 3.9 percent in the last quarter.

It is worth mentioning that HypeLabs has recently initiated projects with world leaders in the areas of energy, space, entertainment and NGOs; in fact, at present, there is a community connected to the Internet with HypeLabs technology.

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