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Porto is a top European city by online mentions

Porto is a top European city by online mentions
19 May 2020

Porto ranks as one of Europe's most talked-about cities, since it gained digital visibility, as stated by ING's Europe's Top 50 cities, especially regarding technology, business and culture. Porto scores a top position in the ranking, moving from 38th to 13th in the ranking, just after Barcelona.

Porto ranks as one of Europe's most talked about cities, which has gained digital visibility, as stated by ING, based on existing global city indices that are reordered according to their share of the online conversation.

ING second year research provides insight into the impact digital messaging is having on cities as brands. Porto is one of the best examples of digital visibility (the amount people are talking about the city online) impacting on its global city ranking.

Smaller cities are starting to gain profile, while London, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona retain their position. Porto is one of those cities, as it is leveraging the network potential of connecting conversations with its surrounding cities.

The city of Porto is pointed out as a city brand that communicates clearly and effectively with its people, both online and on social media, and it highlights its ability to prosper in this globally connected world, influencing investment and concentrating talent, thus gaining access to new opportunities.

Moreover, ING's survey highpoints that "the extent to which people are talking about cities is positively correlated with economic potential at a country level".

In a new Covid-19 pandemic normal, a strong digital presence may be the differentiation factor.

Based in London, UK, ING is an international PR & Communications agency connecting the worlds of property, architecture, design, regeneration, cities and culture.