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Porto Leading Investors looking for talent at UP's Faculty of Economics job fair

The largest job fair organised by students in Portugal will take place on 7 and 8 March in the Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto.

Porto Leading Investors looking for talent at UP's Faculty of Economics job fair
Porto. · 06 Mar 2023
This year, InvestPorto takes to the FJC Porto de Emprego the companies that make part of the "Porto Leading Investors" program to present the opportunities they have for the national talent. 

Bee Engineering ICT, FABAMAQ, FinTrU, ITSector, Kantar, Körber Digital, Kuehne+Nagel, Natixis in Portugal, Foundever (ex-Sitel Group) and Voltalia are some of the more than 60 companies that are present in this year's edition of the initiative promoted by FEP Junior Consulting.

Porto Leading Investors was created to involve and make the community aware of the companies that have most contributed to the development of the city in recent years and that best represent the future of the region, in emerging areas such as ICT, health and life sciences, cultural and creative industries, and mobility, energy and environment.

Developed in collaboration with the Career Development Service of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto, the FJC Porto for Employment was born in 2001 to "promote the contact of companies with pre-finalists and finalists from several universities, stimulating a link between students and the reality of the labour market".

For two days, the companies present will disclose all the information in the employment and vocational training area, namely offers of internships, training actions and recruitment.

Throughout the FJC Porto de Emprego there will also be presentations by the recruiters present, which can also be viewed online.