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Porto Leading Investors VWDS seeks 20 recent graduates for internships

Volkswagen's technology center in Portugal has open applications for internships that start on September 16. According to ECO, there are 20 vacancies for recent graduates in areas related to technology, such as computer science and software engineering.

Porto Leading Investors VWDS seeks 20 recent graduates for internships
ECO · 01 Jul 2024
"Starting in September, Volkswagen Digital Solutions welcomes young graduates to join the teams at the Volkswagen Group's technology hub in Lisbon," announced the technology center.
The young people selected will first spend a month training in areas aligned with the role they will perform. They will then have access to a mentoring plan focused on "personal and professional training to support their learning and maximize their potential". In the next phase, they will be integrated into the teams.

Volkswagen Digital Solutions is looking for recent graduates or masters in technological areas and its main areas of activity are software and vehicle operations, online mobile services, IT security, fleet management, sales and after-sales, purchasing and logistics, and product portfolio management.

For those selected, this hub offers "a competitive salary", as well as a range of benefits, such as health insurance, access to online training platforms, performance bonuses, discounts on vehicles and a "check" to set up the teleworking space.

"The programme was created so that the next generation can start their professional career in an international group, which has been consecutively recognized in the technology world and has been growing in terms of the number of employees and locations," explains Joana Martins, who is responsible for the internships, which can be applied for online.

Volkswagen Digital Solutions is a technology hub based in Portugal (today the offices are in Lisbon and Porto) that develops innovations for the Volkswagen Group. Around 600 professionals are employed at this center.