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Porto´s Sword Health, Addvolt and Knok are the fastest growing technologies companies

The results of the first edition of the Fast 50 Portugal program, which measures the growth of national technology companies, have been announced and the companies, Sword Health, Addvolt and Knok are on the podium.

Porto´s Sword Health, Addvolt and Knok are the fastest growing technologies companies
Observador · 14 Dec 2023

Sword Health, Addvolt and Knok are the technology companies on the podium of the first edition of the Technology Fast 50 Portugal ranking, announced this Wednesday by Deloitte.

The first edition of the program in Portugal is already recognized in international markets. The Portuguese technology companies that recorded the highest annual growth between 2019 and 2022 were selected. According to Deloitte's analysis, the winning companies achieved an overall turnover of more than 550 million euros, 265% more than in 2019, while exports amounted to 250 million, 179% more than four years ago.

The ranking is made up of 50 technology companies, which had an average growth of 400% in the period analyzed, explains Deloitte.

The Porto Leading Investor, Sword Health, occupies first place on the list, followed by Addvolt and the health technology company Knok in third place.

"We are very proud to receive this distinction from Deloitte. In 2023, Sword Health was recognized in the United States and now in Portugal for being one of the fastest growing companies on a global scale," says Virgílio Bento, founder and CEO of Sword. The company was founded in 2015 and provides physical therapy solutions through technological means, operating mainly in the North American market.

"This recognition belongs absolutely to the Sword team, because only with their talent and dedication was it possible to achieve this level of results. We will continue to focus on positively impacting the lives of all patients and on our mission: to free two million people from pain."

Pedro Brás da Silva, associate partner at Deloitte, believes that "the results are very interesting because we have companies of all sizes", explaining that "the entire technological business sector was analyzed".

Representativeness was one of the consultants' objectives when compiling this ranking. The inclusion of companies from 11 different districts demonstrates that accelerated growth, innovation, and entrepreneurship are not exclusive to large cities, Brás da Silva elaborated.

These are "new" companies, and which, "as a whole, already have some significance for the national economy, and it's also very interesting that almost 80% are already showing positive results” Brás da Silva concluded.