31 August 2021
Porto with a new eight million euro hotel
Jornal de Negócios

At number Frei Heitor Pinto 67, in Bonfim, Porto, M.Ou.Co. is located, the new hotel and cultural space, which is the result of an investment of around eight million euros.

With a total area of ​​about five thousand square meters, M.Ou.Co. includes a total of 62 rooms, a restaurant, a concert hall, and a music library, as well as three rehearsal rooms, and also outdoor garden areas, swimming pool, bar, and terrace.

"Stay. Listen. Play." is the signature of the project that assumes itself as "a place to stay, relax, listen, play and experience, were it not for a concept that brings together tourism, culture, and community, with music as the guiding principle and aggregating element", emphasizes M.Ou.Co., which, in addition to a set of concerts, will also promote "various workshops, masterclasses and talks".

The highlight of the cultural aspect of this project is centered on the M.Ou.Co. room, "a multifaceted space with a flexible stage, natural light and direct access to the outside", which has 240 square meters and a capacity for 300 people (standing) or 180 people (sitting).

The official opening of M.Ou.Co. is scheduled for September 9th.

Porto. City Council
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