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Portuguese solution to evaluate videos is worth a $4.7 million investment

Portuguese solution to evaluate videos is worth a $4.7 million investment
Dinheiro Vivo · 19 Oct 2021
Born in Porto, Replai resorts to artificial intelligence to help companies make the best use of videos published on the internet. The funding round will increase the range of products on the platform.

Created in 2019 in Porto, Replai is a platform that helps companies to assess the performance of videos published on the internet. Thanks to the solution based on artificial intelligence, the Portuguese startup has received an investment of 4.7 million dollars (4.07 million euros) in the seed round, according to the announcement made on Wednesday.

The capital injection was led by the British Hoxton Ventures and also included the Portuguese Sonae IM and the international funds Lux Capital, Sequoia and Accel, as the press release reveals.
With offices in Porto, London and San Francisco - where 25 people work - the Portuguese startup is preparing to hire 20 people in the coming months for the technological development, sales and marketing teams in Portugal. The capital injection will also serve to broaden the startup's product range.

Replai operates in the digital video content market, which has the potential to grow to $327.19 billion by 2025. With Replai's solution, companies can adapt the videos for each user and generate more revenue.

"The Portuguese platform can automatically identify features and personalized elements in scale, measure the performance of the video at certain times and associate it to data in real-time data, allowing to precisely clarify why some videos performed better than others ", says the company in a press release.

In less than two years, Replai has managed over 2.5 billion dollars applied in videos through its platform.

Initially, Replai automatically created short videos for eSports, as was mentioned by the founders, Francisco Pacheco and João Costa, in an interview with Observador  in June 2020. The own name of the company combines the English words "replay" and AI ( Artificial Intelligence).

It was back then that the startup received the first round of investment, worth 1.1 million euros, which was led by the Portuguese company Bright Pixel, also from the Sonae group.

More than a year later, Sonae IM's investment manager, Benjamin Júnior, notes that Replai "is paving the way for the next phase in video intelligence technology based on artificial intelligence".