22 June 2020
Praça D. João I Block in Porto with housing, commerce and hotel unit

The project is developed on a plot of land with 28,500 square meters, which results from a set of land integrated into a block between Sá da Bandeira, Bonjardim, and Formosa streets, close to the Mercado do Bolhão and Avenida dos Aliados.

The former space of Casa Forte - which occupies a significant part of the Block of Praça D. João I - in downtown Porto, has planned a real estate project consisting of housing, commerce, and a hotel. The future development maintains a strong housing component and a hotel unit is still planned. However, now the focus on the tourism component goes through a hybrid concept, which adapts both to the needs of those who need long and short stays.

Guaranteed is also the construction of a square, which should include a common garden open to the public, called Bonjardim Plaza.

Porto. City Council
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