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Proposed revision of the Municipal Master Plan under public discussion

Proposed revision of the Municipal Master Plan under public discussion
28 Sep 2020

The Municipal Executive approved, in an extraordinary meeting, the opening of the public discussion period on the revision of the Municipal Master Plan (PDM), after the Northern Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR-N) issued the final favorable opinion. Even before the official start of this decisive phase, the municipality launched a website with all the constituent parts of the Plan, which the citizens can now read.

At this meeting, City Councilor, Pedro Baganha, underlined that "the proposed revision of the Municipal Master Plan was built from a perspective of the city and an approach to planning started with the current 2006 Master Plan", already designed "for a city largely built and consolidated".

For this reason, "the approach to this new Master Plan was based on a planning position that was more of reform than a rupture", that is, incorporating the planning options that remain valid, without, restraining from reviewing those that proved to be inadequate in the execution of the 14-year plan”.

To this extent, the document that will is now available, "is a new plan that is part of a new city policy", certified the councilman, who highlights as a great novelty, "skeleton and conceptual matrix" of the future Master Plan, "the enhancement of the municipal ecological structure". 

The economy as the fifth priority of the new Municipal Master Plan is justified considering the objective of "strengthening the economy of the territory", said Pedro Baganha.

The document seeks to lay the foundations for strategic densification, driven by the creation of new soil qualifications, which include "areas of economic activity", in the "outer arch of the city", which oscillates between the north of Paranhos and Campanhã, to accelerate the development of the eastern zone.

The future Master Plan also establishes the creation of a system of benefits in urban charges for operations that create street commerce and is committed to looking at the structuring of the territory "with the location of large service and knowledge centers supported by large corridors of mass public transport", added the councilor.