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QSP Summit had an impact of 8.4 million euros in the region of Porto

QSP Summit had an impact of 8.4 million euros in the region of Porto
Porto. · 12 Jul 2022
It was the edition with the largest attendance ever and generated a direct economic impact in the region of around €8.4 million. The 15th edition of the QSP Summit brought together, for two days, at Exponor, three thousand people to discuss and learn about practices and trends in the areas of management and marketing.

The figures are from QSP, the marketing consultant that organises the summit, based on a survey of almost 1/3 of the participants, from 18 different countries, of what they guarantee to be the largest conference of the sector in Europe.

"If we add the media impact, estimated at 3.3 million euros, then the total impact of the event exceeds 11.7 million," adds, in a statement, the general manager of QSP. For Rui Ribeiro, "is undeniable the dynamism that the initiative brings to companies and the ability it has to show new tools, perspectives and solutions to leaders.

The analysis made by the consultant was based on the consumption characteristics of the participants, making an estimate of spending on transport, accommodation, catering and leisure activities.

With more than half of the participants living outside the region of Porto, "the results indicate that, on average, each speaker stays three days and spends around 25 euros per meal outside the venue of the event," says the organization, including the "night outings that mean an average spending of 18 euros.

Among the main speakers, passed through the QSP Summit Fareed Zakaria (CNN), Sally Eaves (Global Cyber Trust), Tom Raftery (SAP), Jane Thomason (Kasei Holdings), Delia García (L'Oréal) or Rory Sutherland (Ogilvy UK).

The Municipality of Porto was present, among more than 140 brands, with an exhibition stand, and the Alderman of Economy, Employment and Entrepreneurship, Ricardo Valente, also participated in a panel about the investment in Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport.