Readiness IT
02 October 2020
Readiness IT celebrates the 5th anniversary of its competence center, with more than 250 jobs
In 2015, founded with an initial group of 25 people, Readiness IT started its training and qualification center. Today, with its headquarters located in the Campanhã area, in Porto, it employs more than 400 employees around the world and is already a global technological reference.

Since the end of 2015, the company has trained almost 250 people. The "System Ninjas" are mostly recent graduates in the technological areas, who for one year are trained and certified in various technological skills with which the company works and are subsequently integrated into the company's staff.

The "System Ninjas” model was so successful that it was exported to other countries where the company is present. In Portugal, 20 "Dojos" were held to date, forming 138 "System Ninjas".

This project has a huge impact on creating job opportunities for young graduates and qualifying people in a highly technological area.

Last month the System Ninjas Dojos 20.1 and 20.2 started, which gave employment to a dozen more recent graduates. The first will form Business Managers who will have the function of identifying new business opportunities in terms of the company's services and solutions. The second will cover more technical training in a group environment, in which new employees will be trained and certified in Oracle e-Commerce.

Readiness IT dedicates its activity to Digital Transformation and Systems Integration projects around the world, and in its client portfolio are some companies recognized worldwide, such as Telefónica, Etisalat, Entel, Spark, Claro, SwissCom, T- Mobile, among others. It also has partners such as Oracle, Salesforce, OutSystems, Ericsson, and Amazon.
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