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Real estate entrepreneurs went to the largest fair in the sector in the search for "partners motivated to invest in Porto"

Real estate entrepreneurs went to the largest fair in the sector in the search for "partners motivated to invest in Porto"
27 Oct 2021
Nearly two thousand exhibitors and more than 19,200 participants from 52 countries attended the latest edition of Expo Real, the largest real estate investment fair in the world, which took place in Munich, Germany. Porto presented itself as a "global business hub for the 21st century", a destination "to live, work and invest". The city was represented by the City Councillors for Economy and Urbanism, as well as six companies of the sector, which made a positive balance of the joint participation.

Francisco Mendes, executive director of VPM Real Estate, Mário Moreira, project manager at Avenue, and Pedro Ramos, business director of Mota-Engil Real Estate, accepted the Municipality's invitation to be present at Expo Real with the objective of "strengthening contacts with current customers and raising new ones, in order to drive more investment to the city of Porto”.

VPM, Avenue and Mota-Engil recognize that "events of this size are very relevant for the real estate sector since all the networking is promoted in a very effective and substantial way, therefore boosting the growth of the attending companies”, as Francisco Mendes says.

This was the second time that Porto presented itself at Expo Real, which reflects the certainty of VPM's executive director that "new customers are really focused and motivated to invest in Porto”. Mário Moreira has no doubts that "the affirmation of the city of Porto in international terms is fundamental for opening the real estate market to foreign investors". "The prestige and interest in the city, in turn, boost the real estate sector", says the representative of Avenue, who went to Expo Real to present projects such as Bonjardim and 5º Porto.

According to Francisco Mendes, the potential customers of the companies present at the fair "were very well informed about the city of Porto, its potential and emphasized that the city is in a phase of great receptiveness to investment”. "Anxious to move forward with projects” in the city, they have underlined an attitude which "facilitates the role of the investor”, says the representative of VPM.

"It is a very complete city, it has all the infrastructure necessary for investment, it has very capable human resources, which makes it attractive and in great demand at an international level”, believes Francisco Mendes.

From the perspective of Mota-Engil, Pedro Ramos sees the city "as an unavoidable investment destination when it comes to Portugal, and already compared to some destinations in Europe”, since it is "a destination with a lot of potential for all the arguments that are known ”. "In recent years we have seen a significant development in the real estate sector in Porto, with new construction and rehabilitation at a good pace", adds Mário Moreira, from Avenue. The manager believes that "this diversity of projects has been bringing dynamism and solidity to the market and has contributed to attract and maintain national and international investment in the city".

Regarding the joint participation of the Municipality and the companies, the business director of Mota-Engil recognizes that "Porto’s City Council has understood well the importance of these events, both for the City Council and for the companies that accompany it”. "Being able to align our participation brings both parties credibility and enhances each one’s interests”, highlights Pedro Ramos.

In the same sense, Francisco Mendes refers to the "strong synergies that are created”, in addition to the "visibility and scale that we obtain”, which "make the difference” and enhance "a solid and outstanding presence in an extremely relevant event”. For Mário Moreira, this is a partnership that "emphasizes the joint promotion of the city of Porto and its real estate projects, boosting the interest of international investors".

In addition to VPM Real Estate, Avenue and Mota-Engil, Porto’s delegation included Civilria, Lionesa Business Hub and Predibisa Real Estate.