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25 March 2020
Remote work will influence property demand
According to the consultant, the office market "can and should take advantage of this phase to change its point of view and discover opportunities in periods of contention", at a time when, even after the crisis, the remote working trend "will be adopted by some companies when they realize that it works”.

"Future projects will have to be rethought to offer alternatives to medium-sized businesses seeking, not just large. A company that initially would look for an area of ​​1000 sq. mt. may realize that it needs only 800 sq. mt., since it will choose to have part of the employees working remotely, bringing all employees physically together in the same space only sporadically ”, explains Worx.

The consultant believes that at this stage it is expected that the number of searches on the internet will increase, which will later translate into contacts and business deals, "compensating for the breakdown period. We will continue to close the few assets available since demand will remain active, despite being more attentive and adjusted ”, it can also be read in the statement.

Worx considers that international companies will continue to keep their eyes on Portugal, "since we will maintain the factor 'qualified labor' coupled with the excellent projects we have planned for 2022/23". And note: "we believe that the Portuguese will follow the measures imposed by the Government and so we will resume in force in the 2nd semester of the year, with companies taking the decisions - suspended at this stage - at that time".
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