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Rows launches automatic table analysis tool based on artificial intelligence

Solution aims to simplify spreadsheet-based data analysis, requiring no input of any formulas or commands.

Rows launches automatic table analysis tool based on artificial intelligence
Dinheiro Vivo · Photo DR · 13 Jul 2023
After launching in January the first integration with OpenAI - ahead of tech giants Google and Microsoft - Portuguese startup Rows presents AI Analyst, a tool that allows you to automatically extract relevant conclusions from spreadsheets, taking data analysis to another level.

AI Analyst uses OpenAI technology, one of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence models in the world, to remove the complexity associated with the use of spreadsheets, taking out of the equation the need for advanced knowledge of code or spreadsheets.

The solution aims to be simpler and faster and does not require the input of any formulas or commands, nor the creation of an OpenAI account, unlike similar tools offered by competitors.

Going forward, the use of spreadsheets for data analysis becomes simpler, and users can summarise and present the main conclusions drawn from a dataset, analyse trends, uncover relevant issues and produce reports based on more in-depth analysis.

In the end, AI Analyst is a "virtual co-worker" that also aims to help increase productivity levels, since data analysis still represents a significant part of the work done on spreadsheets, "still requiring too much time and effort", emphasises Humberto Ayres Pereira, CEO and founder of Rows.

"Many people are not trained to analyse data and, consequently, miss out on crucial information and trends," he explains, stressing that automating these processes and generating this information automatically is "the next step towards the future of spreadsheets".

Rows was founded in 2016 and has a team of 35 employees in its offices in Porto and Berlin. It positions itself as a competitor to large solutions such as Excel and Google Sheets, presenting spreadsheet solutions with advanced features, automation and collaborative ways of working.