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Rui Moreira met with businessmen in Paris

Rui Moreira met with businessmen in Paris
04 Mar 2016

In this lunch-debate organized by the most important Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Portuguese origin, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Franco-Portuguese, Rui Moreira explained that the economy is one of the pillars of its local strategy, and the attraction of investment a central element, and therefore created the InvestPorto targeting this type of issues.

Rui Moreira referred to the advantages and peculiarities that make Porto an attractive destination for investment and spoke about the main projects that the municipality intends to develop in the city, such as the Bolhão Market, the multimodal transport hub in Campanhã, and the rehabilitation and transformation of the old municipal abattoir.

"An open and welcoming city, with opportunities for all types of investors, from large companies to small startups, not forgetting the individual investor", concluded Rui Moreira.