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Rui Moreira: "Porto will keep bet in foreign investment"

Rui Moreira: "Porto will keep bet in foreign investment"
Vida Imobiliária · 17 Nov 2020
The mayor guarantees that "Porto maintains its strategy of investing in foreign investment and of high added value".

Due to the pandemic, "we changed the tactic of publicizing the city and the way of being in contact with potential investors. We have invested in participating in international forums now in digital format and, in this context, we have just received two awards at the AIM (Annual Investment Meeting) in Dubai", he says.

The data provided by InvestPorto reveal, according to Rui Moreira, that in the post-pandemic scenario there will be no lack of interest in investing in Invicta: "in post-Covid, one in three investors anticipate expanding their presence in Porto, with the ICT sector and the external investors to lead the intentions of new investments". In contrast, in the hotel and tourism sector, "a major contraction in investment is expected".

And two out of three foreign investors anticipate increasing the pace of new investments in Porto, "and no large or medium-sized company expects to cut in this field", instead of 40% of the micro-enterprises that foresee a reduction.

According to InvestPorto, 50% of the companies present in Porto maintain the intention to continue recruiting staff, but 21% postponed new hires. In the ICT sector, 67% expect to continue to hire. In the hotel and tourism sector, however, only 25% maintain the intention to recruit staff, advances the mayor, who points out that "the recruitment plans of foreign companies have undergone fewer changes due to Covid-19, with 72% maintaining the intention to hire more Human Resources. In the case of Portuguese companies, this figure stands at 38%".

This theme will be highlighted at the conference "Porto in times of pandemic - How to attract talent?", Which will take place on November 26th. Scheduled for 3:30 pm, the session is co-organized by VI, InvestPorto, and Savills, and will discuss the challenges of companies and the attraction of talent in the new work paradigm, with emphasis on Porto.

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