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Ryanair resumes Porto-London on 22nd May for emergency reasons

Ryanair resumes Porto-London on 22nd May for emergency reasons
12 May 2020

Reduced scheduled flights by Ryanair include the Porto-London Stansted route, starting on 22nd May. There will be one daily flight.

This daily flight is part of Ryanair's reduced operations, which will be in place til 28th May.

In a statement, the airliner recalls that as the majority of EU countries have imposed air travel restriction, "over 99% of its fleet is on ground and will stay that way for the coming weeks". "Ryanair will comply with such restrictions".

In the meantime, the company states it is working with EU governments "to try and maintain certain routes operating for emergency reasons, even if passenger occupancy is really low".

The goal is that passengers and respective families can face urgent matters and travel during the next days. 

All aircrafts are disinfected daily and the airliner requests that "all passengers cooperate with the crews that are doing their best in truly hard times".

Ryanair hopes that regular flights are possible and running in July; "we support the measures taken by EU governments to fight the virus and we hope there is a plan to lifting restrictions as soon as Europe is ready to flying again and Covid-19 is under control".