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ScaleUp Porto and UPTEC boost innovation in Porto

ScaleUp Porto and UPTEC boost innovation in Porto
13 May 2020

ScaleUp Porto, jointly with UPTEC, promotes circa 250 meetings, gathering established organisations and startups on 14th May. 

This event is held under the Doing Business initiative by Porto City Hall, in the framework of the ScaleUp Porto strategy 5th edition. 

Established organisations are in a perfect position to transform new ideas into concrete and value-creating projects. Together with startups, these companies are well positioned to establish innovation. Over 250 meetings, the doing Business initiative fosters such value-creating, boosting both customer service and innovative projects.

The number of companies that are part of this initiative are a record number this edition, with 33 established companies from the fields of Health, Mobility, Bank sector, Communications, Retail, Energy, among others, engaging with 50 technology based startups that challenge not only established companies, but entire industries.

This 5th edition is promoted by Porto City Hall, in the framework of the ScaleUp Porto strategy, in partnership with UPTEC - Science and Technology Park in Porto. The main target is to create an opportunity for synergies, especially the strategic collaboration is decisive.

"Our entrepreneurship ecosystem is as strong as the opportunity to generate business. Facilitate connections between companies, so that they cooperate and do business together, his is one of the missions of ScaleUp Porto. This way, we ensure a sustainable and long-lasting growth of highly innovative and technological companies", highlights Filipe Araújo, deputy-mayor and councillor for Innovation and Environment at Porto City Hall. 

For the first time, meetings will be held in a digital format.